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your independent bookshop needs you!

Beyond discovering new and exciting authors, we at BAD PRESS iNK have two further missions. The first is to encourage every single reader of ours to venture out into the wilderness (or the High Street) to rediscover the joys of the independent book shop. The second is to help those very same independent book shops stay open by driving those readers like some kind of mutant herd (you should see some of them) toward those literary destinations.

We know it is really easy to order your copy of our latest release with a little click here and a little click there, but how about using our rather snazzy interactive map to see if there is a local bookshop to you and grabbing it* from there? Not only can you come away from that adventure with a copy of our latest release, you can discover other exciting authors all just as eager for you to buy their books as our own.

If the answer to that is yes, probably or maybe please check the map to make sure that your fine establishment has been added. If there are any amendments or if you would like text and/or an image added, please let us know.

If you aren’t on the map yet, get in touch with the name of your store, address, contact info, other details and a photo then leave it with us to do the rest.

Finally, to customer and proprietor alike: thank you and play nicely.

*The phrase “grabbing it” is being used as a creative flourish. Please don’t steal from the bookshop. Ta.


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