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Paul Phipps-Williams

  • The closest thing to Terry Pratchett since his hat
  • Modern British comic horror genius
  • Lives on a roundabout


  • Inventor of ‘Biker Noir’
  • Heavy Duty TV adaption in progress
  • Lives up a mountain


  • Glam punk Rock God
  • Best-selling memoirist
  • Lives up a mountain
Ray Leigh Author Image

ray leigh

  • Born in London and grew up in south Essex
  • By age 20 he was back, living in Camden Town with someone somewhere playing reggae
  • Now lives in a borough marked by street corner shrines to the victims of gangland assassinations
Michelle Dunne Author Image

Michelle Dunne

  • Born in Ireland
  • Kept the peace in South Lebanon
  • Lives on an island
Jane Badrock Author Image

Jane Badrock

  • Obsessed with horror from an early age thanks to her grandmother
  • Believes women can be just as horrible as men
  • Lives in a nice flat field
Shaun Hand author image

Shaun Hand

  • Pub expert
  • Plays Bigfoot’s theme tune
  • Writer of Best Book to Buy a Jam Fan 2016
  • Lives in Wolverhampton with his wife, daughter, cat, and record collection
Andy Darby

Andy Darby

Announcement Soon

Michelle Greenwood

Announcement Soon

The Reckless Pen author image

The Reckless Pen

Announcement Soon


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