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Welcome to BAD PRESS iNK, a publishing house whose reputation will be built upon the foundation of the quality books we publish.

But, we are a bit different.

First of all, you have not stumbled across yet another vanity publisher that charges the eager and desperate a shit-load of ca$h to release any old tosh that lands in their inbox. We have very high standards.

So, what makes us different?

This: we aren’t the least bit interested in the kind of commercial, saccharin-ladened BS released by the mainstream publishing houses. Alt-books, if you will. Are you the next Barbara Cartland? Boy, are you in the wrong place!

BAD PRESS iNK is run by a couple of bikers (one of whom is a successful author in his own right) with huge business brains, and a couple of ex-rock stars (one of whom is a successful author in his own right) with not-quite-so huge business brains, but a wealth of knowledge when it comes to brand building and marketing.

A dream team? It’s what nightmares are made of.

This website will expand, as we do. If you are a reader of books, make sure you join our mailing list. If you are a prospective author, hit that Submissions button below. Be warned, our criteria are strict but, if we take you on board you will have joined a company hell-bent on creating popular authors within our niche market place. A special place to be.

Heil, Literature!

Iain, Zion, Pat & Vikki


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