Future Imperfect – read it before it’s real






IT’S A CHANGED WORLD, and the River Rhone has flooded the town of Arles in France. Helen and Isha leave to join their daughter and eleven-month-old granddaughter, Ayo, in England.

In Calais, Isha, who has Ugandan-Asian ancestry, is told that new rules mean she will be immediately deported if she crosses the Channel. Faced with a terrible dilemma, Helen chooses to stay with her. Homeless and stateless, they seek refuge in a friend’s Swiss mountain chalet, but to get there, they must avoid main roads and immigration checkpoints.

They decide to walk along the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome, now also the preferred escape corridor for climate refugees fleeing north.

Jana resolves to follow them, but this is not a simple decision.

The family communicates whenever and however they can while battling exhaustion, terror and the virulent xenophobia of people struggling to protect their increasingly scarce resources.

Their journey does not end in Switzerland …

Future Imperfect – the new eco-thriller from BAD PRESS.iNK

Climate catastrophe isn’t in the future… it’s now.

Climate refugees aren’t other people… they’re you. 

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