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Heavy Duty People

“First book in The Brethren Trilogy: Volume 1”

“…a fantastic anti-hero…positively Shakespearian in his moral complexity…If I could only recommend one book this year, it would be Heavy Duty People” – Vulpes Libris 

“Kickass” – Ed Winterhalder

From being in a gang to becoming a gangster, Heavy Duty People is the book that invented Biker Noir.
Damage’s club has had an offer it can’t refuse, to patch over to join The Brethren. 

But what does this mean for Damage and his brothers? What choices will they have to make? What history might it reawaken? And why is The Brethren making this offer? 

Loyalty to his club and his brothers has been Damage’s life and route to wealth, but what happens when business becomes serious and brother starts killing brother? 

Sons of Anarchy meets Get Carter in this gritty British crime thriller.

The story is fiction but feels and reads very much like a biography it is so well written.

It is a story of a British biker and the inside world of outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, think Sons of Anarchy but in the UK!
It’s nice to finally get a biker gang set in the UK, most things written or shown on tv are mostly set in the US.

It is a world where loyalty is number one. Written in the first person, outlaw biker gang member Martin “Damage” Robertson takes us into the fascinating and secretive world of the biker gangs. His story takes us from his early beginnings as a young biker taken under the wing of the local bike gang, The Reivers, threw The Legion and onto one of the big 6 world-renowned outlaw biker gangs, The Brethren.

From the rights of passage, gang member structure and brotherhood. How loyalty and honour are the tools of survival. And how by managing your reputation, your reputation will manage your business for you.

This was not like any other MC book out there, that I have seen.

  • Published: 29th Dec 2011
  • Paperback – 230 pages
  • ISBN 978-0956161543
  • Buy now at your local independent bookshop or on Amazon