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Heavy Duty Trouble

Book Three in The Brethren Trilogy

Having got too far into the dangerous world of The Brethren MC for comfort, Iain was now out again, but out in bad standing.

He has been in hiding in Ireland when he discovers that not only do Wibble and Charlie both know where he lives, but that he’s now wanted by both sides as a potentially bloody biker conflict heads towards its final showdown and worse, a trial in front of the media.

But as the case unfolds in Court, the questions become more and more urgent. Is everything what it seems, and who, if anyone, knows or is telling the truth?

The final explosive instalment of The Brethren MC Trilogy, Get Carter on two wheels.

A brilliant finale to a brilliant trilogy.

Iain Parke is a fantastic talent. His story telling is clever and draws you in.

Attention to detail is just one of this author’s talents. You not only get a great story but a little education too.

When we left off in Heavy Duty Attitude, Iain had gone into hiding after having a right ordeal at the hands of Wibble and The Brethren. We rejoin Iain safely hidden away in Ireland with a new girlfriend. He should be safe here as the Irish MC’s have no affiliation to the Brethren, Rebels or any of the other large gangs. He’s OK here, it’s a nice quiet life …… or so he thought.

He knew they would catch up with him one day but not so soon. As he returns to his hideaway cottage he finds the larger than life Bung sitting in his kitchen with his girlfriend and a local Irish biker. .

Not the final execution he was expecting but Bung has come with a summons from Wibble.

  • Published: 21st Oct 2012
  • Paperback – 268 pages
  • ISBN 978-0956161567
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