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5 Stars‘Does for trophy hunting what Tom Sharpe did for the South African police’

5 Stars‘Victoria Wood with a chainsaw’

5 Stars‘A ferociously inventive comic caper starring a gang of female desperados, it’ll satisfy every dark thought you’ve ever had about trophy hunters’ 

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Does poaching or trophy hunting make your blood boil?

Normally we’d encourage you to support your local bookshop by going there to get your copy of Sinister Sisterhood – but this time it’s different.

Today we’re asking for your assistance to raise money to support the work of charity Tigers4Ever.org in helping to give wild tigers a wild future – so please click this LINK.

Yes you can get your copy of Sinister Sisterhood from your local bookshop or Amazon, but by buying it HERE, 15% of the cover price will go direct to the charity and support the cause (as well as 50% of the author’s royalties going to animal welfare charities).

So for the sake of the tigers still in the wild please help us help them.

Thanks for your support.

Jane and the BAD PRESS iNK crew

Sinister Sisterhood launch video

2 thoughts on “Will you help support Tigers4Ever.org in giving wild tigers a wild future?”

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  2. Sinister Sisterhood is a darkly-comic thriller about a group of female vigilantes seeking revenge on those who exploit wild animals or hunt them as trophies.

    The lead character, Elle motivated by a chance conversation with her Aunt during a visit to India, decides to do something about “eliminating” the top 10 global trophy hunters. Under the guise of an employment agency, she assembles a crack team of female vigilantes each of whom has their own motivations and unique set of skills which they apply with great enthusiasm.

    This is a fast-paced globetrotting adventure and the plot takes multiple twists and turns as we navigate the adventures and encounters of each of the Sinister Sisterhood as they pursue their adversaries. Without giving anything away, there are several macabre and laugh-out-loud moments throughout and whilst most rational people would not endorse the Sisterhood’s unique direct approach, many would empathise with their cause.

    The book is distinctly tongue-in-cheek and reminded me of a cross between the Agatha Raisin Mysteries and Charlie’s Angels! That said, the book does deal with the serious underlying issue of animal exploitation and the threat posed by trophy hunters and criminal gangs to the very survival of endangered wild animals such as tigers. It also touches on people trafficking, modern slavery and the use of legitimate business as a front for criminal activities. It is therefore, not suitable for children or young teenagers.

    This would make a great gift for wild animal lovers, those who support conservation work or those who simply enjoy an easily readable thriller. I would recommend it as a great piece of escapism during these strange times.

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