Some shocking news I’m afraid as following Vikki’s announcement (below) we have to let you know that our friend and inspiration for BAD PRESS iNK, Zion is dead.

Vikki’s Facebook notice:

Lord Zion has been taken from me.
My life is now a shadow.
Fb didn’t allow me to put a pinned post, I’m hoping they will reconsider.
Zion passed away on the 19th of May extremely unexpectedly.
He had an extreme reaction to the astra vaccine which had been administered on the 5th May.
It’s a long story and there is a coroners inquest taking place and there will be legal battles to follow.
I have spent my entire adult life- over half my life- with Z. We were apart 1 night in 21 years.
My entire present and my entire future are shattered.
We had planned to finally marry in April 2020, covid delayed that. Our new date was going to be October 28th this year.
I have to work out how to carry on because Z world be fuming if I gave up.
I have to continue to care for our animal family and preserve the home we both love so dearly.
Skully and Roxy in particular have been strongly affected.
I have to make sure I don’t let z down by turning to junk or booze or drugs.
I have to attempt to not go entirely feral.
Above all, I have to make sure that his passing was not entirely in vain.
A series of avoidable errors led to this. It was preventable. I want to do everything I can to prevent any other families to suffer in this way.
As the inquest and other things progress, I will no doubt be asking for your support to bring about much needed changes.
Two last things: Get vaccinated. Try to avoid the astra. If you’ve had your first shot and no major issues then your second will be OK.
If you feel any illness or concern after any vaccine, DEMAND it is fully investigated and don’t be fobbed off.
Thankfully, the information given out at the time of the vaccine has been updated as of the 17th May.
Z wasn’t worried about getting covid, but he was worried about spreading it to others.
Zion is gone, but he has already enabled 3 families to keep their loved ones.
His liver and kidneys were donated to people who urgently needed life saving transplants.
I know that knowing he has saved lives would make him very happy.
His funeral is on the 14th of June. Due to covid numbers are limited.
We do not want flowers but if you would like to donate to alzheimers society or to donate to help make the family rooms at the critical care ward 18 at the RVI hospital in Newcastle more comfortable, that would be greatly appreciated.
I’m not OK.
I’m not going to be OK for a very long time.
But I’m not going to let this happen for nothing.
Zion and I were two halves of a whole.
I don’t know if you can recover from losing that, but I can still fight for justice for him and others.

This is the last picture Vikki took of Z. They went for a walk, not knowing it would be one of their last. He is carrying rubbish he’d picked up that people had thrown into the verge, Zion always tried to make things better in any little way he could.

He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

Zion – TTFN mate. It was good to know you.

5 thoughts on “Zion”

  1. My sincerest condolences Vikki. Absolutely flabbergasted, thinking of you. Words aren’t coming yet.

  2. Debbie Stephenson

    I can’t believe it. My heart breaks for you, for him. What a fantastic, charismatic character he was. An amazing entertainer. Utmost respect and my heart goes out to you 💓 RIP Zion

  3. Andrew Griffiths

    Dear Vicky ,

    So sorry to hear this news about Lord zion met u both at film conventions back in 2014 and attended your gigs too i send my condolences to you and my thoughts are with you always

    Andrew Griffiths Wales

  4. Oh my life! I’m stunned.

    I didn’t ‘know’ you and Z but used to see you regularly at Tattoo shows on your ‘Smell Your Mum’ stall. You always seems such a beautiful and lovely couple.

    My deepest sympathies. x

  5. Damn, I accidently stumbled upon this news. I’m really sorry to hear. I can remember seeing SLT at the Margate Lido circa 2004 and from the limited interaction I had with him, he seemed like a top bloke.

    RIP Lord Zion.

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